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Lube-Master Dosing Controller (LMD)

Lube-Master Dosing Controller (LMD)

Ref: 53406

The Lube-Master Dosing controller batches a wide ranges of fluids, grease, paint, jam etc.

Industrial applications:
Ideal for automatic filling of bottles, kegs, drums, crankcases etc.

Automotive applications:
The ultimate replacement for pre-set meters, automatic filling of engines, cooling fluids etc.
  • Controls ONE meter module.
  • Up to 16 pre-sets of volumes/kg..
  • Power supply 220V AC 1-1, 5A. 24V adapter included.
  • Calibration 1-9999 PPU.
  • Number of decimals 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, auto.

As the Lube-Master system is tailored to suit an individual users needs and requirements please contact us for a personal quote based upon your requirements.