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Fuel Tank Level Gauge (Digital Self Calibrated)

Fuel Tank Level Gauge (Digital Self Calibrated)


The Piusi Ocio Fuel Tank Gauge is a continuous reading, hydrostatic digital tank level monitoring device designed primarily for commercial diesel fuel tanks. Once calibrated using the specific tank measurements, the Ocio displays the tank level reading in mm, litre or percentage depending upon the user preference. This fuel tank level gauge allows the user to configure low and high level status alerts, which upon activation causes the LED screen to flash to alert the user. It also benefits from two configurable relays for connecting to other equipment e.g. a low level alarm.

The Ocio is a versatile fuel tank level indicator suitable for use on vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical and rectangular tanks up to 4m high.

  • Digital fuel tank contents gauge.
  • Tank probe with 10 metres capillary.
  • For tanks between 600-4000mm.
  • High/low level statuses can be set up.
  • IP55 Rated.
  • %, litre and mm readings.
  • Accuracy +/-1%.
  • C/w two relays for connection to other equipment.

As the Fuel Tank Level Gauge system is tailored to suit an individual users needs and requirements please contact us for a personal quote based upon your requirements.